3 Challenges You Should Know About Scalable Enterprise E-commerce Platforms before Moving Your Business to Them

3 Challenges You Should Know About Scalable Enterprise E-commerce Platforms before Moving Your Business to Them

Moving your business to a scalable enterprise platform is a good idea. The move assures you that your business will continue growing. You will rarely experience traffic-related web crashes. Also, your website loading speed will remain intact. Scalability helps expands your bandwidth depending with your traffic needs.  As a result, your business will remain ahead of your competitors.

Good news! Isn’t it? However, the joy of subscribing to an enterprise platform do not live for long.  The growth of your business comes with a package of challenges and obstacles. Fortunately, you can overcome them if you have adequate information about them. To keep you informed, here are three challenges you will encounter when you subscribe to an enterprise e-commerce platform:

Cart abandonment

Unlike in physical stores, online shops are different. While customers shop and pay in a physical store, they shop and leave the cart on the online store without paying. The issue with this idea is that you cannot sell what the customers have put on carts. So, you’ve to wait until they come and complete the transaction. Alternately, you need to reach them with offers to see whether they will take the desired steps.  Cart abandonment is a big problem for many enterprise online business.

According to statistics, 70% of online shoppers leave carts. Hence, your enterprise e-commerce platform plays a central role in this solving this problem. As such, always ensure the platform has a simple checkout process. Also, it should offer your features and multiple payment options. This aspect minimizes the cart abandonment problem.

High scalability demands

Scalability demand is another problem facing enterprise e-commerce businesses. With the knowledge that these businesses serve both B2B and B2C customers, you must meet the scalability needs of each set of customers are different.  However, not many enterprises can meet these demands, which lead to unending challenges in your business. Hence, when considering a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform, always ensure it offers features to balances the scalability needs for all your business customers.

Shipping and deliveries challenges

As you’re aware, shipping and deliveries are part of the last phase of the selling process with reception is marking its end. An enterprise business receives massive orders which they need to fulfill. Without proper process, confusion of customer address and detail is likely to occur. For you to avoid this, always go for an enterprise e-commerce platform capable of offering swift shipping and deliveries. This way, your customers will always be happy.

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