Why more e-commerce websites are migrating to Shopify from Magento; Shopify plus vs. Magento

Why more e-commerce websites are migrating to Shopify from Magento; Shopify plus vs. Magento

Thanks to e-commerce, the global market is today more accessible even to the people who could never access the internet before. With more businesses deciding to integrate to expand their market to online, it has been discovered that more online entrepreneurs in Australia are abandoning Magento for Shopify. From the research that was conducted, these were some of the reasons why many Australian e-commerce investors are making this decision;

  • Shopify has one dashboard for everything

When you sign up for Shopify, you will enjoy a free web hosting service that they provide. That means you won’t need to find another company or professional to design your website under a different host. Having everything in the same place is convenient because you will only need to keep your focus on one thing. Since Magento offers no hosting, and your store needs a separate host makes it quite complicated to manage your business.

  • Shopify promises better security

We all know that so much money is lost through cyber-attacks all the time. Apart from that, personal information that can be used for fraud is also something that cybercriminals like. It is therefore imperative to make sure that you keep both your business and customers safe from cyber-attacks. It is good to know that the kinds of servers used by Shopify to host your site are uniquely designed to support e-commerce. Cybercriminals find it hard to have their way when it comes to hacking Shopify hosted shops because all the possible loopholes have been taken care of. For Magento, however, you will need to find a good security plan for your site, which can be expensive.

  • Third-party plug-ins

For integration to be perfect, there has to be a functional link between your real business and online store. That is where third-party plug-ins comes in, you may be selling clothes, for example, but since you are opening a clothing store online, you will want to have software that can run both shops simultaneously. Shopify is compatible with several third-party plug-ins used with POS devices like cash registers, smart card readers, and barcode.


The modern online shop owner is someone who is looking for convenience. Magento, on the other hand, has failed to do this for an average business owner. However, people with excellent e-commerce skills will stick to Magento because their expertise allows them to understand and manipulate the system according to what they prefer.

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